Avast found no more infection on the remaining 10 malware

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Monokinis swimwear This is happening only during the install but not the download of the definitions.Using a unique 85 malware samples, Avast will protect more than MSE:Avast is able to catch in real time, 75 out of 85 malware MSE’s real time protection only caught 65 out of 85 malwareHowever, during an on demand scan using both programs, MSE is able to detect more than Avast:MSE was able detect another 6 out of the remaining 20 malware samples. Avast found no more infection on the remaining 10 malware samples that it failed to detect.The total malware detection by MSE is 71 out of 85 malware while Avast will protect and detect against 75 out of 85 malware. That’s a neck to neck score!The independent antivirus testing lab, AV Comparatives has awarded both products with:Microsoft has received 2 Gold awards (low false positive rate and good on demand malware detection) and 1 Bronze award (malware removal). Monokinis swimwear

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