He was grounds manager of the Graver Arboretum of Muhlenberg

Until recently, marine life wasn easy to count so there was no way to know what the numbers of the various species were. As we began tracking some of those we thought were endangered, we found that there were startlingly few of them left in the vastness of the ocean. The warming of the seas has affected one of the most successful of all creatures, the Leatherback Turtle.

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Noted “Sires’ likely November victories would cap off his ambitions for a House seat, which he first expressed exactly 20 years ago under very different circumstances. Sires was challenged by Republican nominee Henrietta Dwyer; he would defeat her with 74% of the vote. In the primary election, he faced 25 year old candidate Michael J.

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So in all these years all it would have taken was a publisher with some stones. But those don seem to exist. So can we now stop this useless bashing of “german censorship” when it really was publishers to lazy and cowardly to stand up for their games at the risk of getting a higher rating in germany..

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