Bamboo Diaper Inserts

  • 5 Layer Stay-Dry Insert technology makes the washable and reusable cloth diaper liners maximally absorbent but not bulky
  • 3 inner layers of thirsty microfiber lock moisture into the charcoal bamboo cloth diaper inserts to fight leaks
  • Charcoal bamboo outer layers of the diaper inserts neutralize odors, fight bacteria, helps to prevent rash & keep baby dry
  • Easy to use breathable soft pocket diaper insert is nontoxic, eco friendly ideal for green-minded parents
  • Favorably stacks up to the bum genius, kawaii baby diaper inserts and measure 35 centimeters by 13.5 centimeters to fit all standard cloth diapers 13in. and a width of 5in

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 LovedByMoms Cloth Diaper Liners Charcoal Bamboo Inserts Absorbent Reusable Baby Insert

Choosing cloth diapers allows you to do your part to protect the planet that your little one will one day inherit, but reusable diapers can create many hassles for busy parents. Fortunately, it’s possible to fight leaks, odors and diaper rash without resorting to wasteful disposable diapers. Bamboo Cloth Diaper Liners are the answer! Bamboo Cloth Diaper Liners are ultra thin, skin safe reusable diapers inserts that eliminate all of the hassles that come with cloth diapering. Our cloth diapers liners have a revolutionary design that allows them to outperform hemp cloth diaper inserts and other bamboo inserts available on the market today. Instead of one or two layers of material, our cloth diaper inserts provide five layers of protection from wetness and leaks. The inner three layers of our diaper inserts are made from microfiber, which has thousands of tiny fibers that absorb moisture and keep it locked away. We combine this microfiber diaper inserts technology with charcoal bamboo top and bottom layers. The bamboo diaper inserts wick moisture away from the skin, drawing it into the core and preventing it from leaking out on the other side. As a result, Baby’s skin and clothes both stay perfectly dry. Our cloth diapers inserts are the healthy choice for Baby and for the planet. The charcoal bamboo inserts fight diaper rash by protecting Baby’s skin from wetness and microbes. In addition, the diaper cloth inserts neutralize the bacteria that causes odors to keep Baby smelling fresh all day. And because ours are reusable diaper inserts, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste and can keep to your green parenting philosophy with ease. Say goodbye to leaky cloth diapers, foul odors and diaper rash! Order Bamboo Cloth Diaper Liners and protect baby and the planet with these revolutionary bamboo cloth diaper inserts! Add our pocket diaper inserts to your cart now!