Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Premium rare earth metal bangle offers a natural alternative healing therapy for arthritis pain relief
Has 6 rare earth neodymium magnets imbedded in in it that send healing energy to painful joints
Arthritis treatment is ideal for knee, hand, wrist & hip pain, tendonitis & carpal tunnel syndrome
Worn by many professional athletes to help enhance their performance & relieve pain due to injury
Increases & improves flow of chi energy in your body – Looks great on men & women – Fits most wrists



This rare earth metal bangle has 6 powerful rare earth neodymium magnets imbedded in it. See images above. The bangle is worn to increase chi and circulate healing energy in the body, offering soothing relief for pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s great for knee, wrist, hand and hip joint pain. It looks great, it’s 2.5 inches in diameter and fits the average wrist of most men & women. Order NOW and discover a natural healing therapy for your arthritic pain!