Bath Body Brush

  • Indulge Yourself in Spa Like Experience exfoliating body brush reduces cellulite softens your beautiful skin
  • Health-wood body bath brush with natural bristles and long handle shower will relax & provide long lasting relief
  • Light and Durable body scrub brush is your perfect choice for men and women whether you like dry skin or wet brushing
  • Make Them Jealous-Exfoliating dry brushing body brush improves your blood circulation and makes your skin smooth
  • Feel Relaxed -Best body bath brush scrubber will reach areas not reachable with other back brushes for shower

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Bath Body Brush Natural Bristles and Long Handle. Perfect for Dry Back Brushing, Shower and Bath. Indulge Yourself in Spa Like Experience with our Body Scrub Brush with Detachable Handle-Your New Best Friend for Exfoliating, Cellulite and Massaging

Premium Wood Bath Body Brush with Detachable Long Handle for Cleansing, Exfoliation and Massage 

Made from high quality wood and premium natural bristles to ensure comfort and durability Use with the handle to access hard-to-reach spots or remove it to use the brush head as a hand-held scrubber or massage tool Body scrub brush loosens dead tissue to promote silkier, smoother skin Massage with the body brush for cellulite to improve skin firmness and texture 

Recommended By Experts Skin care experts recommend the use of a dry body brush for addressing a number of skin care concerns, but finding the perfect body scrub brush can be a challenge. Our Bath Body Brush was designed to be effective, versatile and incredibly easy to use, making it the absolute best choice of body scrub brush for your bathing and skin care routines. 

Spa Like Experience Our Best Bath Body Brush combines premium natural bristles with a high quality wooden handle and head. The natural bristles help to distribute natural skin oils when used as a dry body brush and ensure an even application of cleanser when used as a body scrub brush for cleansing. The wood is smooth and easy to grip, and the extra long handle allows you to easily reach your entire back and the length of your legs and arms without having to twist, bend or stretch. A rope hanger on the end of the brush makes it easy to hang it up for drying. 

Convenient and Easy to Use Within seconds, you can remove the handle to create a hand-held scrub brush. In its detached form, you can apply more pressure to better exfoliate rough spots on the knees, elbows and elsewhere on the body. The head is also ideal for dry body brush massaging. The body brush natural bristles provide gentle stimulation to the skin when rubbed along the body, increasing blood flow to the tissue. 

Improve your skin care routine by ordering one of these premium body scrub brushes today!