Washable Nursing Pads

  • Washable nursing pads organic with very soft layer of Bamboo smoother than cotton will stay comfortably against your delicate skin
  • The only reusable nursing pads that draws moisture away from your skin keeping it behind the leak proof liner
  • Our washable breastfeeding pads are extra soft and absorbent thanks to breathable white waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks
  • No more wasting money. Our nursing bra pads will save you hundress of dollar compared to disposable ones
  • Stay dry and reduce the discomforts from regular disposable nursing pads

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Overnight Washable Nursing Pads Organic-Breastfeeding Reusable Nursing Pads Bamboo 8Pack

High Quality Reusable Breastfeeding Pads – Absorbent, Breathable, Waterproof and Organic 
When you experience leaks when you’re out and about it is embarrassing. Our Washable Nursing Pads are the perfect solution for nursing moms and will protect your bra and your clothing while keeping you feeling dry and comfortable. 

Unique Triple Layer Nursing Bra Pads That Outperform the Rest 
Most reusable nursing pads are made out of simple cotton fabric, which can quickly become saturated and give rise to leaks. Our Washable Nursing Pads outperform cotton nursing pads time and again due to their unique triple layer design. The outer layer of our reusable breastfeeding pads is PUL laminated fabric, which is highly waterproof but still breathable to keep you feeling cool. The lining of the washable breastfeeding pads is made out of microfiber, allowing them to draw moisture inward quickly and efficiently. The inner core is made out of genuine bamboo, a highly absorbent material that locks wetness away. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, helping to keep the nursing pads sanitary until you launder them. 

Safe for You and for the Earth 
When you choose our Washable Nursing Pads, you can feel good that you’re choosing a daytime and overnight nursing pads washable design that is nontoxic and good for the planet. Our bamboo nursing pads include organic, sustainable materials with very little eco impact. In addition, our organic washable nursing pads provide an easy-to-launder alternative to disposable nursing bra pads, which contribute tons of waste to landfills every year. Best of all, our bamboo nursing pads are soft against the skin to ensure your absolute comfort. 

Discover the difference that our triple layer nursing pads organic design makes when it comes to leak protection! Order a package of our Washable Nursing Pads today with No Risk Money Back Guarantee!!