RFID Blocking Sleeves Credit Card

  • STOP IDENTITY THIEVES COLD – TravSun credit card RFID blocking sleeves stop identity thieves in their tracks, allowing you to rest easy knowing you are not one of the victims that fall prey to identitfy theft every 3 seconds.
  • SAVE THOUSANDS IN LOSSES AND HEADACHES – It costs the average victim of identity theft $5,788 to restore their identity and good credit. Properly constructed RFID protection sleeves are the MOST COST EFFECTIVE yet most powerful protection against credit card fraud.
  • ENJOY SAFETY, SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND with our state-of-the art FLEX ALUMINUM credit card holders
  • DON'T LET SMART PHONES STEAL YOUR SENSITIVE INFORMATION – If your credit and debit cards are not protected, next-generation devices can read the information in your wallet without even touching it. Credit card protective sleeves provide you with the protection you need! Each RFID credit card holder can store up to 2 credit or debit cards.

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RFID Blocking Sleeve Credit Card Protective Sleeves Are Safe and Effective Way of Protecting Your identity from Thieves

The best way To Protect your Credit Cards is to Take Security Into Your Own Hands!

Modern credit cards have micro chips imbedded in them that contain important information about your identity – which is vulnerable to identity theft. Did you know that these thieves do not have to touch or hold your credit card to get the data from it! PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! Did you know your sensitive personal information can be stolen by anyone using simple RFID scanners or new generation cell phones? Unless your cards are shielded inside the sleeve, user data can be easily transmitted when an active reader is within range. It is also important to understand that many official documents such as US Passports and Driving Licenses have RFID technology imbedded in them. Don’t wait until it’s too late! OUR PROTECTIVE SLEEVES SHIELD YOUR CARDS FROM PRYING AND SCANNING. Prevent unauthorized accessing of personal information from RFID enabled credit cards, debit cards, payment cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, RFID smart cards (also called contact-less cards) with our RFID sleeves. Our special RFID-blocking material protects your personal information from identity thieves.